What is Royal Maid Services?


Royal Maid Services is the Best Maid Services in Mumbai. If you're looking out for standout Domestic Services at home, worry not!

You're in the right place.

We are marked as one of the fastest growing Companies when Facility Management is concerned. We started as a team and target to help people find the essential services needed in their day to day life and day to day work.

What do we do

Royal Maid Services: A One Stop Solution to end your quest for Best House maid Service in Mumbai. Our Consultancy Functions like ‘Human Resource Management Consultants. It provides various highest standards of service. These Services include: Housemaids, Cooks, Babysitters, Caretakers, Nurses, and drivers. We are here to assist you with the best Domestic help services which cater to your home assistance requirements. Cleanliness attracts Positivity and so does our Staff. We have got a well trained & uniformed staff helping us on daily basis to provide trained and Best Maid Services in Mumbai. Royal Maid Services lets you search Housemaids, Babysitter, Cooks and other domestic services across any part in Mumbai.

How do we do

All you have to do is: Express about your desirable services and our agency will help you attain the most reliable and dependable domestic services. Royal Maid Services has been in the Business of placing qualified and trustworthy maids for years now.

where do we do

Royal Maid Services is a Mumbai based Maid Agency. We will help you select your desirable maid from any part of Mumbai. We specialize in providing Standout Services for Maid, Babysitter, Cook, Patient Care and Driver. We ensure that these services are fit for your Domestic needs.

Why do we do

Our Customers love us and Trust in our Maid Services as:
* We are Mumbai's most trusted Maids Company
* The major Focus of our Consultancy is on Trust Building as we understand the problem of our Customers.
* We provide maids with proper verification for your assistance.
* We as a team ensure 100% Service Guarantee
* We are a Team of professionals working Day and Night to provide assurance and security of our People while they select their Maids, Babysitters, Cook and the other Services

Our Priority - To hire best maid for you

We provide services at Nominal Prices and this is the major reason why our Customers trust us. This Business has helped us lift up the Spirit of our Clients. Good services keep them in the happy-mental state which is our Priority. The dedication of our Team and Professionalism in our Work has helped us secure the biggest title for leading Consultancy in providing best Maid Services in Mumbai. Royal Maid Services aims to provide you an Affordable Luxury by filling the biggest Void in your life i.e. by providing you with the best Maid Services in Mumbai.

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