Our Services

  1. House Maid Services Mumbai

    Cleanliness and hygiene is the dire need of any House. Positive energy and good impression plug in when your house is neat and tidy. You need a reliable and best housekeeping agency to maintain this.

    There are 5 Major Benefits of selecting our Housekeeping staff:

    - The House Maid Service promises you a house which is Clutter-free and it makes your house healthy and a vibrant place to live in. He/she will ensure that you have a comfortable environment and that you enjoy your place
    - Select and go for a specialized service for your house or you can even take all the services. The decision is yours.

    - Let the maid or the housekeeping staff know about your specific needs so that your work and routine remains undisturbed. All the maids are humble and supportive of your requirements
    - Go for Services that are Customized and perfect fit for your pocket.
    - Bargain yourself your leisure hour, the extra time which you can spend in prioritizing your favorite tasks at home

  1. Babysitters in Mumbai

    We are one of the leading Consultancies which is known for its Babysitting Services in Mumbai.If you've been really worried about your infant or a growing child, we are here to end your search.

    We stand out for our Childcare services and once you take our service, you'll be able to:

    - Go to your workplace.
    - Join work back and give a kick-start to your career.
    - Feel relaxed that your child is in safe hands and getting proper care at home.
    - Feel good that you took the best decision for your child by opting for the best babysitter services in Mumbai.
    - Feel safe and relaxed about your kid's safety and hygiene as the babysitter will take utmost care of your child.

  1. Care Takers

    Patient Care and Old age care is one worrisome topic in every house.

    Nobody wants to be away from their parents. Royal Maid Services offers the most reliable health care services in Mumbai. We ensure that the senior citizens, patients, and parents get proper care by our Professional staff.

    You can select the best female patient care services in Mumbai or go for the best male patient care services in Mumbai. The best aid you can offer to the elderly people, aged parents, the ill and the aged ones are: provide them with the best healthcare service. This not helps them maintain health but bargains them a shoulder to lean on in their difficult times.

    The most effective way to offer the old ones quick recovery is to select from our services and offer us your trust.

  1. Cooks in Mumbai

    It is said that good food secures the best place in everyone's hearts.
    Getting the best Cook for your house is an essential task and Royal Maid Services is also known for the leading cook agency in Mumbai.
    Just lay your wish and get the best meal straight out of your mummy bear's recipe.

  1. Nurses in Mumbai

    Resolving Patient Problems is our Responsibility. We specialize in providing the best healthcare support personnel and Nurses in Mumbai.

    Our Nursing Team is well trained in providing Patient Care assistance. The Nursing Staff is well skilled in Clinical and Nursing skills and ensures the safety of patients. The staff is experienced and takes the health of every patient as their responsibility.

  1. Drivers in Mumbai

    Hire an experienced and Professional Driver in Mumbai. We ensure that the driver is an expert and confident about his driving skills. We keep a check if they hold an authentic driving license and follow Traffic Rules. We provide the best drivers in Mumbai who can drive all kind of vehicles.

    Are you getting late for your meeting? Missing out on Biggest Sale? Call your Driver, enjoy your safest ride and reach your desired destination.

    The driver service in Mumbai stands out for:

    - Meeting our client's requirements
    - Professional Approach
    - Good behaviour
    - Trustworthy Service